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Akanksha Tripathi, 2nd Year Student from Other College, has shown interest in Airtel for Industry Internship - December Intake
Shaikh saif ur Rahman , 4th Year Student from Khaja Banda Nawaz College of Engineering, has shown interest in Ramco Cement Limited for Industry Internship - Summer Intake
shilpaunnikrishnan, 0 Student from vimala college, has shown interest in Housing Development Finance Corporation for Industry Internship - December Intake
DARSHINI R, 4th Year Student from Ghousia College of Engineering, has shown interest in BAE Systems (Defence and Security) for Industry Internship - December Intake
Sai Prasad.D, 3rd Year Student from Easwari Engineering College, has shown interest in GE Wind Energy Limited for Industry Internship - December Intake
Muqeeth Ather, 3rd Year Student from Vaagdevi Engineering College, has shown interest in IBM for Industry Internship - Summer Intake
VISHWAS U MAHADIMANE, 4th Year Student from 0, has shown interest in SAP Labs India Pvt Ltd for Industry Internship - Summer Intake
RAHIL M, 2nd Year Student from Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology, has shown interest in Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. (HAL) for Industry Internship - Summer Intake
Gaurav Namdeo Mahakalkar, 2nd Year Student from KDK College of Engineering, has shown interest in BSNL for Industry Internship - December Intake
NISHA S, 4th Year Student from Sahyadri College of Engineering and Management, has shown interest in Infosys for Final Year Project

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About Us

As most of the students find it difficult in understanding how to apply for the reputed companies and get an offer from those companies for their In Plant Training requirements, we provide the initiative

Once the students apply here, we directly forward the students details to the concerned company when they do have an option for In Plant Training in any one of their plants. Companies will be in direct touch with the students who applied if they find the profile satisfactory. In Plant Training with reputed companies will have a profound impact on students profile and in turn on his/her career

Importance of Industrial Internship

"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand." - Confucius

It has been widely reported that college graduates need to be better prepared for the workplace. So, what better way to do this than let students experience doing real work while they are still studying?

Industrial Placement, where a student undertakes a period of training with an organization of his interest usually during a semester break, plays an important role in preparing the student for a professional career. From the hands-on training, the student learns about the skill sets required, demands of the industry and also work ethics. At the same time it gives the student an opportunity to put into practice what he or she has learned at college.

The industry exposure enhances the undergraduate's work life through added enthusiasm and commitment; provides a lifelong learning experience; is an opportunity to engage with the profession to which they aspire in a realistic work environment; appreciate and understand the practical application of their academic program; work with professional mentors and to begin to build networks within their profession.

So, even before the student graduates he or she is having real time experience, thus increasing the student's employment prospects.

While the student will have much to gain from industrial placement, the same is also true for organisations which have such training programs in place. These programs can be of mutual benefit for employers because they may benefit from the quality of support, fresh ideas and energy that the student brings into the work environment.

It is also a convenient pathway for the company to recruit human resource as some absorb trainees into their workforce after they graduate.

Who are eligible to apply for Industry Internship?

Students from any Graduation, say B.E/B.Tech, B.Sc, BCA, B.Com, BBA, MCA, MBA and any other can apply for this Industrial Internship which provides the students to have real time exposure to Industry while studying itself and to put in practice what he or she is learning at college.